It's the kind of festival where Isabelle the chocolate lab can find relief from the sun on the stage and the bass player will take a break from the frets to scratch her head.

Arkfest14_102 copy.jpg

Where the background singers are members of the audience who join the act onstage, to the cows in the neighbouring field. 


The kind of festival created by hippies in their backyard; their backyard that goes on for miles and is in the middle of nowhere. They invite all their friends and friends of friends, and their children come with their friends and with their children.

Where you bring your own meat and share a BBQ grill, and BYOB and share with the friends you make.


Where every scrap of shade is priceless.

Where Sunday morning is a pancake breakfast, gluten free options of course, followed by a very funky gospel jam session.


It's the kind of festival that when night comes it is dark, really dark, and you are guided by the stars, the fireflies and the tea light scattered throughout the yard.