A NXNE highlights blogpost

This year I was given the wonderful gift of a NXNE wristband! I have gone to scattered shows for this festival in the past, but the wristband gave us an all access pass this year, and we did our very best to get every minute of music we could! This blog post is about all my very favourite moments!

Fevers @ Rivoli

Fevers @ Rivoli

A Lady Lead in a Rock Band - Fevers. Dance Cry Dance, catchy and danceable. Theses guys put on a great live show.

A Trio of Voices - The O'Pears. WOW. What can I say. These ladies can certainly sing. The bar went silent as everyone was entranced in the sound of their voices. And I love that hint of Irish culture.

Throat Singing - The Jerry Cans. Have you ever done throat singing? Well, I have. Thanks to this band from Nunavut (the firs band from there to ever play NXNE). They make danceable music that is a mix of cultures from the land of the midnight sun.

A Southern Trio - Vulcans. Theses guys came all the way from Pennsylvania to play their show and the Paddock. They played their version of musical chairs on stage, swapping instruments left right and centre, mastering every one. And their voices, you need to hear them.

More Drums and Intimate aCapella Harmonies - Lakes of Canada. These guys are about to release an album inspired by A Handmade's Tale, which I think is very cool! Also, they have EXTRA DRUMS, nothing makes me happier when band pull out extra drums and three guys are pounding them out! And to top off this set, the entire band came down into the crowd to sing for us up close and unplugged.

The Black Diamond Express @ Tranzac Club - aCapella

The Black Diamond Express @ Tranzac Club - aCapella

Well Dressed and Ready for Success - The Black Diamond Express. Pictured above are the seven of the eight (YES EIGHT!!) members of The Black Diamond Express singing their finale which was an impressive aCapella number. Love that "Goin' Down South" song and al the solos we got! And to make their show even more fun, at one point they threw a deck of cards at the audience and yelled "whoever finds the Jack of Diamonds gets a free CD!". I found the 10 of Spades...

A Bassoon and a Little French Horn - Sidney York. A basson in a rick band, that is a new one for me! And I love a band with two rocking female vocals. If you are a Wes Anderson fan make sure to check out their new music video which made it's debut at NXNE

A Violin Improv - Hannah Epperson. This girl can really play that violin! This simple set was mesmerizing with Hannah's voice and violin back by some solid beats.

A Southern Sound - Stone Iris. Hailing from the Canadian West, these guys have certainly been influenced by the Southern states! Rock you can dance to, and if you lucky enough to meet the mother of the two frontmen, who happen to be brothers, you're in for a treat! Great to meet you Cathy!

A Lady and Her Guitar - Joyce Island. I only caught the last half of Joyce Island, but that left me wanting more. Just her and her guitar on the stage, a great singer/songwriter combo here. 

Happy People - Grand Lark. These guys just look so happy up there on stage, and that makes the audience happy too. The guitar player seems as though he is literally dancing on air.